Michigan Seminar 2016
Wheaton Tournament 2016
Danny Durbin in his
first Tournament
Black Belt Promotions:
Congratulations to Ms. Musielak to 2nd Dan; & Ms. Cassie
Hanlin 1st Recert. 1st Dan, Ms. Annie Hanlin 3rd Recert.
1st Dan.
Rocky's Tournament
April 2017
Congratulations to Mr. Tarvin on Grand Champion Breaking tournament!
Rocky's Tournament
September 2017
Mr. Ford
Tokumine Bong
This young man has come to three of these tournaments;
and although the trophys have still eluded him; he always
shows his best effort and doesn't let it get him down. True
Tang Soo Do attitude, very proud of him!
Working with  
Daisy Troop#452
March 8, 2018